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26-07-16 - 07:37

back from comic con. back to real life.

i've been saying all year that i need to find a new job and a new place to live. don't get me wrong, i love the area i live at. i just think it's time to move on. i said i would make some decisions after i got back...well, i'm back and it's decided. i have to work on this and be done by the time my lease is over in just under a year.

i guess to chronicle my life, i do need to mention that the guy i've had a thing for since i first met him years ago? well, we had a more fully engaged interaction this year. i have to say, it gives me hope. i have said for some time that i wish i could meet someone who would change my mind on dating. he's changed my mind. if he lived closer and was actually interested, i can say that i would date him. knowing that there is someone out there who peaks my interest means that i'm not dead inside. there is still hope for me yet. and not just the hope that the psychic said about me getting married or the bit about living in arizona for a few years.

so, for once, there is no logic in why i would like someone. and yet i do. it's not a good idea. normally i could just turn things off and forget, yet every year, i've wondered. with the wonder over, i still haven't lost interest. this is me no longer behaving like me.

for another spot of random. i had a crazy dream during my no sleep for ages 'coma' i fell into yesterday. i had this dream that there was a magic tea bowl. a japanese style chawan. the pattern to this bowl was white with blue designs on the outside. i'm not sure how or why, but the images on the bowl changed when people were sleeping. the images showed glimpses of the future for the person who last held the bowl. i somehow came into possession of this bowl and held it before sleeping. it was showing me so many things that helped me plan my future. then, one day, it showed me something. something good. i don't know what it was, but i dropped the bowl and after it struck the ground and shattered into both small and large pieces, i stood there watching the images and colour all 'float' away. i'm sure this means something, but i've no idea what.

i'll update more soon but for now, i'm still trying to recover from my trip...

"last night i had a 40 ounce...last night i had a 40 ounce dream." - good charlotte



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