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09-01-2002 - 04:01

brain spillings...

i pondered the thought today of what it would be like to date someone famous. then my thoughts switched to what it would be like if i was famous...i think that i'd like to be a famous musician...drummer to be specific. i'd like to own a small castle, or castle like house somewhere in the u.k.

i watched some show today...something off the bbc. it has once again reinforced my love of fun accents...

my entries have become much more random lately...i think it may be from the lack of sleep.

...bloody chat rooms frozen up again...

a good development of late is that i've started drawing again. and i've started ink painting. i'm not very good at it yet, and can't seem to get the right darkness/lightness of ink when i want it, but i will improve.

one good thing is that i talked to john today. he isn't mad at me for what my sister did to him on new years eve.

sleep is slowly creeping into my brain. tentacles wrapping around my mind. the haze of it is permeating my body. i should sleep soon. i believe i will sleep...right after i find something to eat...

"this little world is all i need. and hey, this little world needs not much more to be a completely perfect world."

-remy zero



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