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26-11-2002 - 04:47

insomnia. can't sleep. nothing good on television. already watched the blues brothers movie for the second time in two days.

listening to remy zero. drinking tea. not wanting to work anymore. i really want to travel. ryan and i were going to go to new york during my 4 day weekend coming up in december, but aimee's open house is right in the middle of it, and i can't miss that. ah.

i really want to go to las vegas. i want to go to vegas and stay in one of the hotel/casino's on the old part of the strip. i want to gamble and drink, and dance to sinatra songs.

neck hurts. nothing is worse than being uncomfortable and having insomnia and then having to work later.

found a bruce lee movie on. drinking even more tea. hungry now, but i'm too lazy to get up and make something.

bruce lee? or put in the ocean's 11 dvd? i've seen this movie a million times (only slightly exaggerated).

so, this weekend, i think i'm going to put some adverts up and see if i can get people together for a band. i haven't played for some time, and i know i'm going to be awful for a few months, but it will likely take that long just to get something together. so, i know what i'm going to play. i know the name of the band, but i don't know what type of music.

i think i'm going to call about a car this week. there's a 77 alfa romero spider for sale (convertable) and it's only $2,500. yeah...

it's kind of cold in here. and in the span of time i'm rambling off and on here, the bruce lee movie is now ending...

neck still hurts. and i really don't want to go to work tomorrow. it's really odd. i never want to go to work, but usually it's not bad and almost fun at times when i'm actually there. what i appear to be lacking is motivation. motivation in many things. motivation to get up in the mornings (or afternoons as my schedule usually is.) motivation to do something about the matt situation...or lack thereof. at work, it's as if we're nothing more than aquaintences. (likely spelled wrong.) only the people who have seen us out of work ever think that anything is/could ever take place between us. i also have lack of motivation to go back to school. hmmm...i think i will blame it all on the weather.

i also think that maybe i'll see if sabastian want's to see the new bond movie with me this weekend since his girlfriend won't go and see it with him and ryan doesn't really want to see it either.

slight pain has now spread to my back. insomnia is still present. hunger is not.

maybe for my mini-holiday i should go to toronto. i really want to go to china town and pick up some dresses.

so, another night of hopes and dreams. another night where i will eventually fall asleep to music i enjoy.

i think that i will make another sleep attempt at 5:30am. yes, i think i will sleep then...

"somebody save me. let your warm hands break right thru. somebody save me. i don't care how you do it. just save me. i made this whole world shine for you. just stay, stay. oh come on. i'm still waiting for you..." -remy zero



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