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15-12-2001 - 03:15

well, i have had an amazing night tonight...

i was supposed to go to a concert with the guy i have a crush on and one of his friends, but my dad decided that since i currently live under my parent's roof, they have say in everything i do...and wouldn't let me go.

so, my dad did let me go to a bar with some friends. while there, i called this guy and told him to stop in if he could.

well, he did. his friend had left, but he drove out to this skeezy bar to sit and talk with me while my friends played pool and attempted to pick up girls.

...better yet, he's not moving till after x-mas, and wants to hang out with me before he leaves...the only thing is i don't think he's interested in me...never know...

so, there's the good and the bad. i really like this guy, but he's moving to florida.

i somehow oddly think that tonight has started my swing into good luck. i think the sign was hearing radiohead on the radio everywhere my friends and i went.

"i'm on a roll. i'm on a roll, this time...i feel my luck could change." -radiohead



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