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16-12-2001 - 06:15

well, i guess i'll start out with how much i love my friends.

tonight, we were out at a gay bar/club where we had a discussion about random guys. my friends tried to convince me that every other guy i know of has had a crush on me at one time or another. they also once again went on to talk about my "feminine wiles". "feminine wiles" are described as the "power" i have over people. when i go places, i get things for free, or uber cheap, and strange things happen. well, tonight, they wanted me to prove that i did/did not have these wiles. (i disagree, they think i have them)

so, while at this gay bar, there was a really cute guy working there. my friends decided that if i could get his number, it proved i had wiles. well, his name is kevin and i do have his number. i also had a very nice gay male buy me a fairly expensive drink tonight. more "proof" to them that i have "magical powers".

with friends like this, how can anyone be unhappy for long?

"something never meant to be, everything you meant to me. wake me when this punishment is done. those who try to get away from the one who get's away. someone's always someone elses someone. you're not the one, but you're the only one, who can make me feel like this..."

-foo fighters



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