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02-01-2002 - 18:15

i wonder today if i am a bad friend. my best friend in the whole world wrote an entry the other day, and i didn't even check it until now. while i had the time to write an entry, i didn't check anyone else's.

in this entry by the person whom in i shall call "mr.y", there were things written that honestly made me feel like the most awful friend in the world. where these things written just out of drunkenness (maybe only needs one n)?

or have i been just that bad of a friend as to have overlooked mr.y's feelings?

i feel bad that mr.y didn't call me immediately and let me know how he felt. when my friends are feeling bad either emotionally or physically, they should know that they can call me at any, night, evening...

well, i guess i'll just leave with that.

"if i get old i will not give in, but if i do remind me of this. remind me that once i was free, once i was cool, once i was me..." -radiohead



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