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19-02-2002 - 01:01

i'm sitting here at my computer listening to two songs alternating on repeat. thom yorke and pj harvey singing this mess we're in, and the lemonheads song it's a shame about ray the acoustic version.

i don't think i will be able to sleep tonight. i've had an interesting day/night/early morning.

today i've talked to ryan through out the day. i guess we're hanging out again this weekend, but perhaps with a few more people. sounds like fun to me...even if it is a bit of a matchmaking party. perhaps i'll enjoy watching others get matched up...kind of a people watching/psychological observation.

i really wish that shaun would email me...i guess joe is going to call april today (tuesday)and i have yet to get the info about how that might go. normally i don't mind the suspense, but between ryan and myself, i think we've hyped the idea up so much that the suspense is annoying me.

i really don't like waiting for phone calls or emails, unless they're from ryan. just something about waiting...


i have a job interview tomorrow (wednesday) at 9 in the morning in ann arbor. i will have to leave here about the time i normally go to bed. i really hope i get the job. i'm in desperate need of getting my own place, even though i'd likely hate living by myself. not hate the on my own part, but being by myself all the time.

...if i do get the job in ann arbor, i will be in the same city as shaun and april, and much much closer to ryan place of residence.

other random stuff.

i wonder if wendy hooked up with that nick guy on friday night.

i wonder why the computer gods have chosen to smite me, and when they will stop so that i can get on with normal computer usage.

i really wish i could find someone nice to set ryan up with this weekend...and also perhaps find someone for myself...but then jessica might be left out in the single's crowd.

in other news:

i was sent a foreward today. i tend to not even give them a thought before deleting them into oblivion, but for some odd reason i read this one. there were a bunch of mathematical equations listed that one was supposed to figure out. then it asked for you to think of a color and a tool. it said that most everyone thinks of red hammer, and that only two percent came up with something different. everyone that i read about or was told about came up with different colors, but everyone came up with hammer. i ended up with blue pliers. enough said.

"when i call you put them all on hold and say to me that you'd do anything, and all i can do is say that i haven't much i can give you in return...only my heart and a promise not to turn, but i sing to you every day and every night."




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