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17-03-2002 - 23:59

...i hope my computer will work long enough to leave an entry...

well, i guess i've left out a lot lately since i haven't been able to use diaryland for long/if at all.


i now have a job. i don't start working yet, but in a couple of weeks. it's not the job i want, but i have to wait a bit for the job i want. anyways, at least i'll have some cash soon. (stupid student loans)

well, my job is in ann arbor. i'd really like to get a cheap place out there. my father is doing so much better that he's back at work, so now no one needs to stay at home. i'd really love to have my own place again, but i'm not sure how i'd like not having a roommate. well, maybe i'll check out some papers and see if anyone's looking for a roommate...that would also mean likely cheaper rent.

so, i've covered my near future job...moving on to my personal life...

well, lately i've been hanging out with two guys who both are interested in me. i have interest in both of them. complication ensues. one of them is a lot like one of my ex-boyfriends...the one that i dated the longest and took the longest to get over. that is both good and bad. and then the other i just feel very comfortable with. out of these two guys, there is one i like more than the other (dating-wise) but then i think i'd have more fun with the other. things are so strange lately.

moving on...

anyways, tonight i had a really good drive back from ryan's place. it wasn't too cold, nor too warm. it was raining a bit, but not enough for me to roll up my window. i was driving (rather fast) and listening to great music on the radio at a relatively loud level. it was just one of those perfect drives where you almost feel like you should keep driving and see where you end up. i honestly think that if i'd had a friend with me, that i would have been out of state right now...

"i've been waiting a long time for this moment to come, i'm destined for anything at all. downtown, lights will be shining on me, like a new diamond. ring out, under the midnight hour. well, no one can touch me now and i can't turn my back. it's too late, ready or not at all." -greenday



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