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18-03-2002 - 20:59

i think that i'm going to make up for not leaving any entries for a bit by actually writing many entries now that chronical things going on around me.

well, today started off oddly. i ended up hanging out with joe today. the day started off with coffee in town. then i had to go grocery shopping for my parents. (and it's even better when you don't have to carry the shopping basket after it has cut off circulation to your fingers.) from there we ended up going into jackson. browsed the more common places, and for the most part wandered around aimlessly. joe got his hair cut at the mall, and after that we then ended up at the park hanging out on the big hill that overlooks the rest of the world and we ran into the only park i've ever seen that had absolutely no swing sets....none at all. well, we then drove around a bit and ended up walking around a portion of jackson visiting the sites. then to end our jackson fun, we ate at this great skeezy diner place. while there we had very tasty and very messy food...and also some rice pudding. (amazingly good)

so, now it's off to watch high fidelity.

anyways, today has been a million times better than most of my days hanging out around the house here. i really missed having someone to hang out with that lives really close.

...getting sleepy. i'll probably fall asleep watching the movie. oh well. maybe not.

"we can go out and not even leave the house...a t.v. set and a bottle of wine is just fine. making out on that old fold out couch watching saturday night live..." -coyote shivers



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