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18-03-2002 - 04:59

multiple entry night...

well, i decided to read my old entries this morning...lots of randomness there.

one thing that amused me was that in an old entry i mentioned the fact that any guy i've ever really decided that i was interested in (aside from the famous), i've dated or had the opportunity to date. well, i guess this still holds true. way back in the early stages of my online diaryland fun, i mentioned someone who i had decided at the time i was interested in. well, guess what...i've gained his interest. the only problem is that things are much more things always are.

well, the way things work out, i was interested in him and then gave up. eventually i moved on to the next interest. the only problem is that the first interest kicked in before i was sure about the second interest. (yes, complicated theories). so, should i rule one out because he already had a chance and nothing happened? grrr.... and now, he tells me that he has something to tell me tomorrow. i hate suspense. perhaps the interest has already faded. who knows.

why am i typing about all of this? because i am a chronic insomniac who rambles utter nonsense...that's why.

"i put a spell on you...because you're mine. stop the things you do...i ain't lying. i love you. i love you. i love you anyhow. i don't care if you don't want me...i'm yours right now."

-screaming j hawks



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