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14-05-2002 - 23:41

well, i had a good day yesterday. i got home from work and what was waiting for me? a letter. actual mail. i was a happy jim.

then there was today. i've discovered that i have to work at 10:30pm on saturday. that wreaks havoc on my plans for that day. ryan and jay are going to the comic convention and then seeing a movie. i may be able to make it to the comic con, but then i'll have to work from 10:30pm sat to 6:30am on sunday. i wonder if i'll be too tired.

well, i've still got to see the spiderman movie. maybe i'll attempt seeing it again this weekend. (i have official "geek" status. i have some old issues of the spiderman comic) i really really really really want to see that movie.

what have i done today? well, i've gone to work and back. napped a bit. watched a walk in the clouds and part of a star trek movie, and i'm currently drinking tea and chatting in diaryland chat. yeah...

one good thing is that i've not had the bad/weird dreams for the past two nights. i don't even remember my dreams from the past two nights. odd.


i want to travel.

i also want to live somewhere and have my own vinyard. watching that movie a walk in the clouds makes me want to live somewhere like that. it would be amazing.

i've also wondered if i'll eventually have a life again. once i have a more regular schedule, will i once again hang out with people? or will i just do absolutely nothing?

"every day i watch the world go by. every night i see a planet die. every morning is like yesterday..." -davie poe



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