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15-05-2002 - 23:12

today started out with work at 6am. i had to leave here by 4:30. grrr. then, while at work, i had an allergic rxn to some evil green apple soap that someone used to wash one of the tables i was at. then, when i got home, i got stung by a bee...inside the house. yeah...great day.

anyways, i'm so tired that i can't sleep. i do not enjoy this. and tomorrow i have the same schedule except for having physical training when i get to work. defensive tactics. grrrr...

so. currently i am unhappy. tired. hungy. lonely. bored. sore. angry. distracted. un-spiderman watched. odd dream plagued. unappreciated. anxious. and generally chaotic.

oh...and now there's another movie i have to see. the one with the hot british guy in it. granted it is a romantic comedy, but there's a hot british guy in it.

"i think out loud when there's no one around. i can't understand why i ever get down. i need somebody to take me home to the world i once knew, was formed on it's own...i need somebody to see a smile knowing things will get better after a while..." -ash



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