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08-07-2002 - 03:03

entry 2 for the night...

i forgot to mention the following:

1. my mother is trying to set me up with some guy she works with. all she will tell me is that he's 24 and very immature for his age.

2. i guess my little sister is moving in with one of my ex-stalkers. i exaggerate a bit when i call him a stalker, but he was really weird and persistant. i don't know how she can do this...move in with 3 guys she doesn't really know...and i think my parent's are going to pay for her new apartment.

3. i still haven't found an apartment, but i'm still searching.

that's all for now. viva.

"if you ever feel neglected, if you ever think all is lost, i'll be counting up my demons, yeah, hoping everything's not lost...everything's not lost. when i'm counting up my demons, there's one for everyday, with the good ones on my shoulder, i drove the other ones away...when you thought it was over, you could feel it all around...everybody's out to get you, don't let it drag you down. sing out, yeah...everything's not lost."




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