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13-08-2002 - 04:01

well, i got my book back from matt, but i haven't even started the other one he let me borrow. i must do that soon.

well, in the morning i need to get a new belt for my car. then i need to change the belt in my car.

then, i need to call darrin at 6pm-ish. darrin is a 30 year old guy who i met the other day when i was out with wendy. she liked his friend, but i have discovered that that guy is not single. anyways, darrin is 30. he is a drummer. he works in albion as a senior consultant for some troubled kid organization. he has a ba in psychology and is working on a masters in the same. well, i guess we may go out tomorrow and get coffee. not a date, but just stranges hanging out together over coffee.

on the topic of coffee...i wonder if matt will buy me coffee being that he got a huge tip at work today.

i'm apartment calling tomorrow as well. then perhaps i'll check some out wednesday.

i also have an 8 day work week coming up. then i'll have fridays/saturdays off again...

my arm is doing a bit better. the burn is no longer a shock white circle surrounded by dark red. now it's just a red-ish pink blotch.

i just finished watching the a-team. i love that show. "i love it when a plan comes together."

i have that no doubt song "underneath it all" stuck in my head today.

i'm also fighting the urge to either chop my hair or dye it. it no longer needs to be long for my sister's wedding as the wedding itself is no longer ocurring (possibly spelled wrong).

i was wondering something today. i wonder if i'm egotistical. i'm not hot, or beautiful, but i think that i am unconventionally good looking. is thinking that egotistical? and unconventionally good looking seems like a good thing to be. i know i'm not typical, but i've always thought that that was part of my "charm". my mother thinks that it may be part of the reason why i'm currently single. who knows.

i need to go out to see some movies soon. i need to get people to go with me.

i miss hanging out with ryan. soon....soon well will have the same days off again....

a detroit cop was killed today. it's odd seeing everyone with the black mourning bands over their badges.

i'm a bit freaked out the nick cage is now married to lisa marie presley. he has married the same woman that was married to michael jackson. can you imagine sleeping with someone who has slept with michael jackson?

i've noticed the recent lack of coherence in my entries lately. the fragmentation of my mind.

i found out today that troy (guy from work) knows someone who is friends with one of the guys in greenday. so, i know one of the guys from greenday with only 4 degrees of seperation or something.

i love the linkin park video the computer animated one. it's destructive and beautiful.

a friend of mine asked me today if i've given up on shaun. to answer that question, no. i haven't given up on shaun...he's given up on me.

dave grolh ( likely spelled wrong) with short hair is hot. i like him in the learn to fly video.

yes, i am watching music videos. i keep flipping between mtv and vh1. they are both actually playing music.

i need to go to a concert. i need to get out of here for a while.

the end for now.

"awake and dreaming...i'm only sleeping" -finger eleven



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