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09-09-2002 - 01:10

ok...weekend update...

friday...went to ryan's. from there we went to becky's and mike's. met up with jessica. went to clutch cargo's. drank. danced. repeated. ended up in the special radio dj area. everyone started thinking we were with the radio station. that was kind of cool. we all met ed the security guy at the club, and jay the fire guy.

saturday...ryan and i went out to eat. then we were going to look at apartments. well, we ended up with one. we are moving in at the end of this month. yea. ryan and i are going to have the greatest apartment. then we went to the mall for a bit. while there i saw a guy who worked at the apple store who had blond spikey hair with the tips dyed blue. mmmmm...from there we went back to ryans. then we went to sarah's and jackie's party. fun was had. i drove home very early in the morning.

sunday...went to work. blah.

so...i need to start packing soon. this is so weird. it's the event horizon. i'm getting out of here.

other than that, i heard that shaun isn't all too happy at his new residence. too bad we're not hanging out any more...'cause then he could stay at my place every once and a while and get away from his place. but, alas...that does not appear to be in the cards. conclusion, here's a song that's been stuck in my head...i prefer the acoustic version...

"if only i could get through this. i get through this. i gotta get through this. i gotta get through this. i gotta make it, make it, make it through. i've gotta get through this. i gotta take my, take my mind off you. give me just a second and i'll be all right. surely one more moment couldn't break my heart. give me 'til tomorrow then i'll be okay. just another day and then i'll hold you tight. when your love is falling like the rain. i close my eyes and it falls again. when will i get the chance to say i love you. i pretend that you're already mine. then my heart ain't breaking every time i look into your eyes. if only i could get through this. if only i could get through this. if only i could get through this. god, gotta help me get through this..."

-daniel bedingfield



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