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10-10-2002 - 02:02

crisp cool air permeating my soul. i could see my breath earlier today as i was singing radiohead songs to myself. i love fall. everything is so clear. the chill reminds me that i am alive. it's amazing...

anyways...since i've been offline for sometime, i need to catch things up to date.

i've moved into my new place. it's simply amazing. life is great. ryan is also a great roommate...even though we mostly communicate with messages written in dry erase marker on our bathroom mirrors.

i've also hung out with matt from work a bit lately. story time. the other day i couldn't get a hold of ryan for hours. well, matt invited me over. i get there, and still can't get a hold of ryan. some of matt's friends come over. we sit around talking, drinking, and listening to music. well, later they leave and matt and i move upstairs to his room to watch a movie. mall rats...on dvd. (we moved to his room because of the dvd player there.) well, during the movie, matt kept hard core flirting with me. well, the movie was on. good movies/books/computer games need my attention. so, i ignore his flirting because i'm watching the movie. at the very end he says something about his hitting on me and not having it get anywhere. next thing i know he kisses me. well, i end up staying the night at his place curled up next to him. (and, for those who might assume at no time during the night were any sexual acts in any shape way or form enacted.)

so...this was all odd. i guess it's just one more thing to get me to move on past shaun. birthday is tomorrow. friday. october eleventh. the bad thing is that i work friday, saturday, sunday, and monday. the first time in ages that my birthday is on a friday and i have to work the whole bloody weekend! grrrrrrr....

well, i guess that's ok. maybe i'll just come home on my birthday after work...sip a bottle of wine (perhaps syrah) and fall asleep listening to music. note to self: put wine in fridge when i get home from work.

and jack...thanks for checking up on me during my absence. it's nice to have someone check up on you

oh and i get a thousand dollar raise as of november 1st. things are going well in the land of jim.

"out here, i can barely see my breath surrounded by jealousy and death. i can't be reached. only had one call. dragged underneath. separate from you all. you all. this time. lost my own return. in spite of everything i've learned. i hid my tracks. spit out all my air. slipped into cracks. stripped of all my cares. my cares. i'm so tired. sheep are counting me. no more struggle. no more energy. no more patient. you can write that down. it's all too crazy. i'm not sticking round." -fugazi

happiness is everywhere. it's all around me. it's the song playing in my head. it's the hot tea next to my bed. the the moonlight reflecting off the waters of the pond onto the ceiling of my bedroom. ah. it's refreshing...



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