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28-10-2002 - 03:03

ah. i love my life.

so, friday night, ryan and i had our halloween party. i had much fun. to top off the night, after everyone else had left, matt and his friend adam stayed the night. adam on the futon in the living room, and matt in my room. i've really missed sleeping next to someone. it's warm and comfortable. it tends to be one of the only things aside from exhaustion sleep that keeps the strange dreams away.

saturday night. ryan, jessica, and myself went to darron's party in ann arbor. i don't think i've ever seen an array of alcoholic beverages that vast in a private residence before. it was interesting. i had fun, but i'm not sure if ryan and/or jessica had much.

i did like my costume this year. i bought a white button up shirt from the local thrift shop, and made the rest. red satin ribbon tie, bright blue shirt jumper. and i already had the matching blue wig. it was my rendition of rei from neon genesis. nothing like a japanese school girl-type costume to prance around in at a party.

as for now, i am cold, but still happy.

this morning, ryan and i were watching the weirdest show on the cbc. words can not even describe it.

ummm...moving on. i still need to figure out how to work in more online time.

only one more day of work till my two days off. even if they are tuesday and wednesday.

i still have no curtains on my bedroom window or in our living room. i'm starting to get used to our neighbors across the way watching us.

well, i guess this is it for now. i'm going to try to keep up a bit better on my entries, but who knows.

"why do i stay up until three...lounging, eating, watching tv........why do i sleep in so late...i wish sleeping wasn't so great..."-hayden



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