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06-01-2003 - 01:02

i should not be here right now. i guess it's a good thing that i'm lucky...and immortal. i was driving home from work tonight and the roads were awful. i slid past my exit first of all. i was going to take the next exit and the following happened.

there was an accident on the side of the road. police were already there. i move to the far lane. in front of me in the lane closest to the accident are a large semi-truck and a red suv infront of it. something goes wrong. the semi-skids ahead and hits the back of the suv. the suv spins out into my lane. split second reaction...i hit the brakes and jerk the wheel. i manage to slide in back of the suv and infront of the semi...and gain control and stay on the road. the suv slid off to one side, and the semi to the other. i pull over. no injuries or damage to my vehicle. i waited for the police who were just behind all of this. they eventually inform me that everyone in the other vehicles are all right and that they saw the whole thing. the guy thinks that the semi driver was looking at the first accident on the side of the road, and didn't notice that suv slowing down. the cop was amazed that i didn't get hit since the suv slid in front of me and the back end of the semi swung right behind me. i asked if he needed my information, and he said no. i was fine when it all happened, but now that i'm home, for some reason i'm shaking. must be adrenaline or something.

ahhhhh! my heart hurts. and my brain isn't working now. i can't believe how close i was to getting smashed between two vehicles.

well, i was going to write an entry about yesterday, then all of this happened. i guess i can continue with that now that i've calmed down a bit.

so, yesterday, the roof of my apartment starts leaking. right over my bed. ran almost late for work since maintenance guy had to come over to let me know that they'd have to send some roofing guys over, but that they'd not be able to come until monday to look at it. then i have a bad and boring day at work. then i hang out with joe. can't drink 'cause i have to drive. then i have to walk alone in the cold from joe's friends place back to my work place to pick up my car (since joe was not able to drive me to it). then i came home and one of my fish had died. all in all, a bad day.

"i can't be myself, when i'm alone. i think stupid things, when left on my own. i need somebody to be around. someone to play up to, to fool about. i need somebody, to pick me up....i think out loud, when there's no one around. i can't understand, why i ever get down. i need somebody to take me home. to the world i once knew, was formed on it's own. i need somebody to see a smile. knowing things will get better after a while..." -ash



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