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09-01-2003 - 04:04

hungry. tired. bored.


so, how is my life running currently?

i've been hanging out with a guy who's moving back many states away in a few weeks. i do like the whole sleeping next to someone thing.

my ceiling is fixed...or so they say. they also claim that they are going to fix my doors, and let me know when our cable is going to be fixed.

all of my fish died, sans one. i ended up buying three more. i'm not sure how they all died like that. first one died...then 3 died at the same time. all within 10 minutes.

i won a rhinestone necklace and bracelet off of ebay. sending out the money order tomorrow.

so, during my off days, i've watched blue velvet (a good movie i've seen before) and untamed heart (which i'd never seen before).

i'd have to say that as much as i'd hate to admit it, i have this weird hopeless romantic thing in the back of my mind. i'm usually not into romance movies, but i do love all of the audrey hepburn movies, all of the john cusack movies, and i'm really liking untamed heart. i do have an odd movie collection. i have roman holiday sitting on the shelf between fear and loathing and the crow. i have say anything sitting next to bringing out the dead and resident evil. hmmm...

"all these amazing frustrations, such a perfect celebration..." -longpigs



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