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11-02-2003 - 02:12 was uber busy at work. running from one call to another. i had to run up 5 flights of stairs today.

that and i had to run through a wall of water to reach a shut off valve in a room that was flooding (spewing forth water onto electrical equipment...good thing i have thick ruber soles on my boots).

revisiting the past few days...

friday my parents came out and we had lunch at one of my favorite sushi places. then we went to test drive the car that i am thinking of getting...a toyota mr2 spyder. i love the car, but the insurance for it is insane.

anyways...after all of that, later that night, ryan and i went to west bloomfield and hung out with beckie and mike and their hyper (but cute) puppy. we played some board games. drank some beverages. and ate some chocolate.

saturday ryan and i slept in (though i think he was up before me). we then proceeded to watch season 2 and 3 of sex in the city (minus the last 3 episodes). we would have finished it, but we had plans to meet up with beckie and mike again. so, we watched all of the episodes consecutively and ended up ordering pizza in. then we had a half hour to get ready and out the door. we then met up with beckie and mike. had a beverage or two. played with the puppy. then headed out to the emerald ball room/rock room. while there, we saw a spaztic dancing guy who was dancing quite badly. much fun was had. and, i even had a new drink that i really like...a white russian...with strawberry liquor in it. mmmmm... and, they all prodded me to ask red hoodie guy for his number. so, i exchanged numbers with this guy who's name is jay. and, due to my "rules of swingers"...i either have to wait for him to call me, or at least wait the 3 days to call him. (yes...i do follow cult classis movie rules).

well, what else...?

i've no plans for valentines day. the only time i've ever done something for valentines day was a few years back when i was in the car accident that totaled my parents car i was driving (luckly i was the only one in it at the time) when a university truck ran a stop sign speeding. then, the ensuing hospital visit...and coming back to the dorms and having my boyfriend (will) dump me. fun fun fun. so, i've no idea what i'm going to do. i have friday's and saturday's off right now, but if i ask any of my guy friends to do something, their likely to think it's a date kind of thing...and not a i want to do something because it's friday and i don't have to work saturday kind of thing.

and speaking of nights off, i've still nothing planned for thrusday night after work either. hmmm...i should work on that. that and seeing the lord of the rings movie.

but, next weekend, i plan on having an anime gathering over here. ryan's not a big fan of anime, but i think he'd have fun. people.

grrrr....burnt my tongue on some extremely hot tea. (granted i took the kettle off only a minute ago and i should have known it was too hot, but looked so good sitting there steaming.)

"wait a minute i'm passing out. win or lose just like you. far more shocking. than anything i ever knew. how about you. 10 more reasons. why i need somebody new just like you. far more shocking than anything i ever knew. right on cue...can't stop the gods from engineering. feel no need for any interfering. your image in the dictionary. this life is more than ordinary. can i get 2 maybe 3 of these. come from space to teach you of the pliedes. can't stop the spirits when they need you. this life is more than just a read thru." -red hot chili peppers



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