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03-03-2003 - 23:49

today is the third day of the third month of the third millenia.

news from the front line:

i found out something good today. while at my grandparents house visiting, my grandmother's doctor called and told her that she has at least 2 years to live. not like the first estimate of less than 6 months. so, with this news, she's decided to seek treatment. they might find something to help her in 2 years.

i talked to erik today. says he's going to call me later in the week so we can go out for coffee or drinks. wonder if he'll call. anyways, i found out that he lives and works in ann arbor. architecture (likely spelled wrong). interesting.

bought a new dvd player today. i finally gave up on my old one. (why can't shaking things upside down fix them?)

hmmmm...i always have so much to say, but then nothing to say when i'm here. odd and random thoughts leap into my head during the times i try to sleep. i've actually taken to writing on the window next to my bed with a dry erase marker when i'm inspired about things. as of yet, only my dreams have been taken down. but, those aren't going to end up in here for some time.

i was thinking that i need to go to some more concerts. maybe small venues. i remember seeing everclear in concert at the shelter. not more than 50 people counting the band. it was before they got big. i remember feeling like i discovered them. i had discovered some great band that that the rest of the world didn't even know existed. i need to see some great popular bands and discover a few new ones. i need to see radiohead. the ataris. remy zero. i miss the excitement of it all. am i getting too old to go to concerts where the majority of the population at the venue wouldn't be able to drink? am i someday going to be that old guy/chick in the back near the wall just nodding my head to the music checking out the barely legal crowd?

aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! i need to get out more.

"being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up..." -the ataris



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