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27-03-2003 - 02:34

mickey died today. my blue and gold maccaw. he was only 10 years old...and they tend to live a lot longer.

so, now i'm in a slightly depressed funk.

well, in other news: my sister is going to jail. my grandmother has lung cancer. my bird just died. yeah...


last night nick came over. we sat around drinking wine and champagne, eatting twinkies, and watching movies. neither of us slept. we eventually just kind of curled up together on my bed while watching movies and just ended up laying there for hours. he ended up calling in sick to work after the time he should have left came and went. i almost called in sick today...and i would have if i didn't tell my grandparents that i would meet up with them for lunch today. the odd thing is that there's nothing dating-wise going on between us. just two single friends who have fun together and decided that lying in bed with someone else is so much better than lying in bed by ones self. it was very comfortable. i like curling up next to someone. i also kind of like the idea of curling up next to someone and actually sleeping...calling in sick to work and just lying there all day. maybe i'll have to do that sometime.

so, i guess recapping that has cheered me up a bit.

tomorrow night (technically tonight), i'm going out with a bunch of the guys from work. we have a work meeting before work. then work. then the bar. long night. and i have to work all weekend long. grrr...i'm on my 7 day work week switching from sun/mon off to tues/wed.

and the bad thing is that this friday, aimee's having a party in lansing, and on saturday, sabastan's having a party in ann arbor. people need to start planning things on my nights/days off. oh well.

and, in conclusion...a moment of silence. no lyrics.



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