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24-04-2003 - 06:23

i spent most of yesterday at the hospital, and part of today. i'm just happy that my grandmother is supposed to get out tomorrow.

i also spent a good couple of hours cleaning the apartment today. i figure that since i won't be able to help ryan pick up before his gathering, i should do what i could now. especially since i start my 8 day work week tomorrow....and i have an early meeting. grrrr....

someone told me that i looked like marla singer today on my way out of the hospital. i'm not sure if i should have taken that as a compliment or not. it was quite interesting though.

nina simone died this past week. her music was amazing.

there's a lot on my mind, but nothing that's coming together conceptually in words.

ever think you could find out more about yourself through someone else? i was thinking that tonight.

i can't sleep. insomnia. so, i'm eatting cadbury eggs. i bought a ton of them tonight from meijers on clearence.

i watched the movie the secretary with ryan last night. i liked it. it was interesting and funny.

neck hurts. insomnia. i'm afraid to sleep. i fear i won't be able to wake up on time for work if i sleep now.

"la mer. qu'on voit danser le long des golfes clairs. a des reflets d'argent. la mer. des reflets changeants. sous la pluie..." -kevin kline (french could be wrong.)



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