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28-03-2003 - 04:36

still on my 8 day work week. soon i will have fridays and saturdays off again.

ryan had his party the other night. it was fun. the guys from across the pond came over. it was very interesting, fun, and energy draining. then i had to get up uber early for my grandfather's 70th birthday the next morning.


christina: i'm not sure if i mentioned it, but she quit her job at the muffler shop. her boss bought her a nightie so she quit. and she is still dating 6 guys who pay for all of her bills and such. she's also now wearing blue coloured contacts. she has perfect vision, but wants to wear contacts.

my grandmother: she's doing great. (well, great for having cancer). after her rxn to the chemo, she's still going to keep up with it. she's just switching to a bit milder type. she decided this after her ct showed that the masses hadn't increased in size.

brian: he's quitting his job this week. i was interested in him at a point in time, but he didn't seem interested. but, the other day, i found out that he thought i was dating matt. so, who knows.

nick: i hung out with nick last night. i was really tired, so we just hung out and watched some television and talked. that was weird. weird in a good way. we don't/can't hang out much because we are on exact oppposite schedules. he gets up a bit before 6am. i go to sleep a little bit before 6am. he goes to sleep at about 10pm. i get out of work at about 10pm. he might be moving into the portsmouth apartments soon though, so maybe we can hang out more. last night he wanted to know if we were dating. i said that i didn't know. i am such a "guy" about these things. i never bring up relationship things. i know that that's part of my problem, but...that's how i go about things. or don't go about things. nick is great though. i like to hear if a person likes me. nick actually says so every time we hang out. i am a bit freaked out though. not only do we hve the same birthday, but we have a lot of the same habits. i don't really feel like seriously dating someone, but i also don't want to not be with nick. so yeah...i'm weird. i'm not really sure why. but, i do know that i like sleeping next to him. i like being curled up with him in bed listening to radiohead. i like how we never set our alarm clocks on "normal" times. (i set mine for 10:31 and he sets his for 5:43). i like how he smells (as odd as that sounds). i like he complains about me not calling him very often. i like how he doesn't mind my alarm going off and me hitting the snooze button repeatedly. neither of us move much when we're sleeping, and he doesn't steal covers. i also look forward to hanging out with him on saturday nights. so, i'm not sure if i'm trying to convince myself that i don't want to date anyone, or what.

anyways...i have insomnia and work tomorrow. a bad mix. so....

"come up to meet you, tell you i'm sorry. you don't know how lovely you are. i had to find you. tell you i need you. tell you i set you apart. tell me your secrets. and ask me your questions. oh let's go back to the start. running in circles. coming up tails. heads on a silence apart. nobody said it was easy. it's such a shame for us to part. nobody said it was easy. no one ever said it would be this hard. oh take me back to the start. i was just guessing. at numbers and figures. pulling your puzzles apart. questions of science. science and progress. do not speak as loud as my heart. tell me you love me. come back and haunt me. oh and i rush to the start. running in circles. chasing our tails. coming back as we are. nobody said it was easy. oh it's such a shame for us to part. nobody said it was easy. no one ever said it would be so hard. i'm going back to the start." -coldplay



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