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22-05-2003 - 02:46

i haven't been keeping up on my entries lately. things have just been going really well lately. so well, that i'm actually doing productive things at night when i used to be online.

my family is doing well. my grandmother is ok. not enjoying her chemo, but then again, i don't think anyone really does.

one of my orchids has started blooming again. on another, the blossoms have finally fallen after months.

i just bought a wine rack off of ebay today. a black wrought iron wine cage. holds 45 bottles. i really like it. it's very ornate and almost gothic. i can't wait to get it.

other updates....

i bought a bunch of cheap dvd's from meijers last weekend. jackie chan. bruce lee. lots of fun.

i also went out on a date with nick last weekend. we went out to olive garden. we were going to see a movie, but the ones we wanted to see were oddly not showing near the times we wanted to see them.

i finally bought 2 of the cheongsam dresses i've been wanting. i love the silk dresses with the mandrin collars. i wish i could wear them all the time, but that would look odd.

i still want to have a nice proper kimono. can't even seem to find zori in michigan. i must be looking in the wrong places.

not really sure what else to update.

nick is moving closer. he's moving into the apartments just down the road. then maybe we can hang out on more than just weekends and one wednesday. i am still undecided on nick. he's nice, but he's also not what i was looking for. so, i still don't know.

oh well.

"i was dropped from a moonbeam and sailed on shooting stars. maybe you'll be president someday, but know right from wrong. or in the flood you'll build an ark...and sail us to the moon." -radiohead



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