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29-06-2003 - 01:51

i'm sitting here. drinking a tasty guinness. the television is on mute. music playing. it's a saturday night and i'm lounging around. i lack the motivation to do much of anything tonight.

there was insanity and chaos at work today. brused knee. tired eyes.

i couldn't sleep last night. the sun was already starting to rise by the time we got home.

after work tonight, james asked me if i was going out. he seemed surprised that i wasn't. i also find it odd that he's the only person from work that i ever hang out with. his girlfriend and i still plan on getting him drunk sometime. it's good to have goals.

i extreamly bored tonight. i don't feel like doing anything, yet i don't feel like doing nothing. i could and should clean the apartment, but i keep getting distracted.

i wish i lived somewhere where there was more. more people. more places to go. it would be great to just walk around a night and run into new people. you walk around out here and you're likely to run into a skunk.

i was walking around the mini-forest area near my apartment earlier tonight. even though it's a bit cold out tonight, i could see the fireflies. it made me think of the experiments they've done recently. somehow splicing glowing jellyfish with mice. they've actually make lab mice that naturally glow. that would make an interesting pet...

i'm still working on my plans to invent the first caffienated nicorated alcoholic beverage. addictions on many levels. something that would only be sold in other countries as the us would never approve it.

there are tons of giant spiders on the balcony tonight. i was going to sit out there earlier, but the spiders talked me out of it.

i've had odd songs stuck in my head all day today. alternating between the indiana jones theme song and a ramones song.

i was wondering the following today...if i were to dye just a little bit of my hair purple again, would i get in trouble at work? i read the policy and there's nothing about hair colouring. i likely won't do anything about it, but who knows...

something needs to happen. maybe something will.

"drunk and sitting in and thinking. change. it never seems to come when i'm thinking" -less than jake



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