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01-07-2003 - 02:20

aye me.

i hung out with gordon last night. watched adaptation. drank some sake. some merlot. and some boons.

i guess he and his cousin are planning on going to new york in the next few months for just a day to see an exhibit. i'm likely going there on my 4 day holiday in august. they may come with me. it will be interesting.

so, i'm going to ny and vegas this year. slowly working on plans. it will happen.

i've been drawing a bit the past few nights. anime characters. i have odd forms of "meditation". drawing is one of them. thoughts become more clear. especially the way i draw. pencil. then ink. then colour. then re-ink. very repetative. active meditation.

i'm tired. it's early and i'm tired. no real reason why. maybe it's because i didn't get much sleep last night. who knows. eyes are heavy.

something i almost forgot to grandmother's cancer has started to shrink. for the longest time it was just not changing. now it's actually smaller. chemo amazes me.

i've had the song "please please please let me get what i want" stuck in my head. it started last night when i had a dream where it was playing on a record in the background of a diner. one of my more "normal" dreams. it was a normal diner, but the floor was a pond with little cement/tile paths cutting through the water. odd. and now that i think of it, how often do you find a diner with a record player.

i bit my lip today. now i have a bump on the inside of my lip and i can't finish my orange juice. stings too much.

i finally framed and put up some more of my photos. just random stuff i took in europe.

i've been slacking in my japanese studies. but i've been eatting more asian food. hmmm...not quite the same, but it is tastier.

"last night i dreamt that somebody loved me. no hope, but no harm. just another false alarm. last night i felt real arms around me. no hope, no harm. just another false alarm. so, tell me how long before the last one? and tell me how long before the right one? this story is old, i know. but it goes on. this story is old, i know. but it goes on." -the smiths



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