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20-08-2003 - 01:27

"the great blackout of 2003"..."the worst blackout in u.s. history"...and yes, it stopped me from going to new york. i made it as far as the detroit metro airport. slept on the floor there. flight was canceled.

moving on...

couldn't go to new york, so my parents bought me a light up poster of the new york skyline.

moving on...

phone lines finally started working today. only 6 days. wasted vacation. oh well. i'm over it. i've moved on to my new addiction. i'm hooked on flcl. it's so strange and catchy. the music's great. i'd love to see in (hear it) in japanese.

i'm drinking calpis right now watching blue gender. ( swim...just finished watching flcl.)

i've had this odd feeling lately. it's like i'm on the verge of discovering something great. the past is in the past and the future can be anything. i'm actually accepted into wayne state university. yeah. going back to school. post bachelorate in forensic investigation. still working on the japanese.

i've been out of work for 5 days now (the lost new york days). not really looking forward to going back tomorrow/today. now i'm going to be up late/early browsing ebay for anime.

anyways. this is the first night in a while that i've been able to get online. have to make up for lost time.

"nejireta yoroi wo nuide tabi ne deta kagyuu. ame ni sono mi wo utarete suriheru kedo modoranai ze." -furi kuri lyrics

"taking off my twisted armor i'm a snail who's started on a journey. getting struck by the rain wears me out but i'm not turning back." -flcl lyrics



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