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17-09-2003 - 04:52

finished with my 7 day work week. and it was a really bad week.

moving on. i'm really needing to get out more.

last night, gordon and i hung out for a bit. had some bell's oberon at the skeazy pub down the road a bit. it was kind of cool. the bartender served us after last call. appearently on weekdays, places quit selling at 12:30. gordon and i talked about his no longer seeing rebecca. he asked me the following question: he had taken her out quite a few times and had payed every time. to pay him back, she bought two tickets to a concert that they both want to see. she gave him the tickets to hold onto. now that they are no longer seeing eachother, but want to remain friends...gordon's wondering if he has to give her back the tickets. my answer was no. i told him to give her back one ticket, or offer to buy the ticket from her. appearently she just wants them back. oh well...the perpetually single girl really shouldn't be asked for advice on dating or post dating things.

right now i just finished watching anime and am currently drinking a whole pot of green tea. i am thinking about maybe getting a glass of wine later. way to plan ahead.

anyways, i've had a bad week. atm problems. class/work scheduling problems. computer problems. smashed my toe. uber busy at work. etc.

one good thing is that i ebayed some anime the other day. (i think i mentioned it). i just wish anime wasn't so expensive.

things that have made me especially happy lately: understanding a few words that the woman said to me at the register at the japanese food store. saying thank you in japanese to her. even though it's not much, that was my first interactive japanese experience.// drinking my tea and knowing i don't have work tomorrow.// the rain yesterday with no clouds in sight leaving behind a double rainbow.// singing loudly along with the music in my car.// the fact that my orchids are still alive.// sitting with my window open and incense burning...

ryan told me yesterday that he talked to joe. i've known joe for years, and now he's moved to georgia. he's one of those people that you just worry about. you worry about them even when you haven't talked to them in a long while. i really hope that things work out for him. i really hope that he figures himself out before he drinks himself to death. (yes, he does drink and drive. yes, i have taken his keys when he was going to drive full well knowing that he's driven before with more drinks in him.) i hope he still isn't doing that.

an odd thing, on the topic of people who currently live out of state is that gordon asked me how andy was doing last night. he remember andy from our parties and from back in college how he used to come over, watch anime, and fall asleep at the foot of my bed. i miss that. a girl needs more friends who will come over, watch anime, and then sleep at the foot of her bed. especially if they bring treats like poptarts and such.

this friday beckie and mike are having a party. too bad i'll have to work. i still plan on going, just much later. i'll also have to get directions from ryan.

...and, ryan's birthday is coming up. i also have the absolute coolest gift for him. it's really really hard to have a great gift for someone and have to wait to give it to them.

well, not much else to say right now.

"badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom. badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom..." song from some website



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