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15-10-2003 - 02:59

it's raining right now. i woke up to rain this morning (yes...since i got up before noon, i technically woke in the morning.) and when i finally go to sleep, it will likely still be raining.

rain sloshing about and strong winds. it was a lovely drive home. i'm not sure why every time it rains or snows, everyone seems to completely forget how to drive properly. i even had a large vehicle (a dark van) attempt to merge into my vehicle in daylight hours at slow speed.

right now my eyes hurt a bit. last night i was going to go to sleep after getting offline, but then i changed my mind and started reading "the salmon of doubt". it's odd to be reading douglas adams in a posthumonusly state. that kind of reading is reserved for writers of long ago. not the author of the hitchhiker's guide. anyways, it's a really decent book. not like the rest of his book as this one is a conglamerate (likely spelled wrong) of little clips of his writing merged into a book. still good none the less.

right now i'm watching the discovery channel and contemplating food. i'm hungry, but i'm also lazy. especially since i'm near the end of my 8 day work week. only 2 days left. i can't wait. especially after today. got completely soaked. once the rain water breached the inside lining of my bullet proof vest, i couldn't seem to shake the cold. the vest seems to trap things in. if i'm warm, it keeps me too warm. if i'm cold, it keeps the cold in as well. my solution for this was a long hot shower. hair's still wet.

the problem with having fairly long, fairly thick, and fairly curly hair is that it takes forever to dry.

currently curled up in bed with the blankets pulled up wearing a slip (my pajamas) that i bought from a thrift shop. television on. slightly hungry. feeling warmer now. think i'm going to put the kettle on in a bit and make some of the instant japanese noodles i have and some tea.

i do believe that i am the only person on earth to fall asleep every night listening to music. i place my cd player/sterio on this lovely setting called "sleep timer". set it for an hour and then it turns itself off when i'm asleep (that is if i fall asleep in that time...otherwise i have to reset it.) who invented this? not that they will ever read this, but "thank you".

i've come to the conclusion that there is a correlation with people in the world becoming more obese and people's intelligence diminishing. not that i think obese people are not fact, many of the dim are at a healthy weight. my sister falls into this category. perhaps the added weight of people in general is some how throwing off the balance of the world displacing intelligence. what's odd is that there are many people i know of who are fairly intelligent. these same people haven't read a single book in years. i read some statistics the other day that out of a group of people questioned, some people actually didn't know which war came war I, or world war II. just the number should indicate their order, but some people actually didn't know. how i managed to work obesity into this, i'm not quite sure...but i think it has to do with something i read in the paper about the obesity problem in the u.s.

i'm really not this random in "real" life. just when i'm typing various thoughts over a few hours time span.

well, i think it's about time to put the kettle on...

"wasted and i'm out of patience. it's been so long. yeah, i'm out of patience..." -sugar ray



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