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31-10-2003 - 01:59

as always, things didn't seem to work out. i spent halloween hanging out by myself at my apartment.

i really need to meet some new people. back in college, there were always things going on. now it seems that i spend most of my time in my bedroom doing a whole lot of nothing productive.

i wasn't always like this. it wasn't always like this.

i'm employee of the month again. my parents are talking of divorce over issues pertaining to my sister. my sister's sentencing is december 17. she will be going to jail. minimum is 5 days, maximum is 93 days. appearently that judge tends to sentence people to 17-18 days. christina likely will be in jail for christmas.

i've also been having problems with wayne state. appearently, while i am accepted into the winter semester, they are now saying that there aren't any classes that i can take as they all require prerequisits.

i was in a good mood for days, and just events seem to keep trying to bring me down. on a happier note. the weather was amazing today. 73 degrees. my grandparents are also doing well. we went out for pizza and i helped my grandmother set things up for the trick-or-treaters.

still don't have my dvd player back.

not much else to say. i think i'm going to bed soon. granted it's not even 2am, but maybe i'll be able to wake up early and do something. i just find it dissapointing that i have weekends off right now and i'm doing less than when i had weekdays off.

all i need is somebody to save me. save me from what's becoming routine. save me from thinking too much and dwelling on things that i can't change. save me from being too much of an adult.

looking over to my calander is still on january.

i need to travel...even if only for a weekend.

"give me your lips for just a moment, and my imagination will make that moment live. give me what you alone can give, a kiss to build a dream on." -louis armstrong



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