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20-11-2003 - 03:13

i can't feel my feet or face right now. i was outside for a while catching what little i could of the leonid meteor shower. (being that i missed most of it because of the clouds the past few days and the light pollution of living in a city now.)

i did see two of them. things like this amaze me. if it wasn't so cold outside, or if i was standing in the middle of my apartment parking lot with someone else, i could have stayed out there all night.

fingers are numb too.

so. i've changed my mind on the perfect date. lying outdoors watching a meteor shower perhaps with a bottle of wine or warm sake with someone.

well. i'm drinking some tea, so i'm starting to warm up. i also find it a bit funny that i was bundled up, hat and all, but wearing sandals (is that how you spell it?). this only proves to me that i am brilliant.

anyways, i have made a new friend that i am hanging out with tomorrow night after work. dan and i are going to hang out at denny's and discuss movies. mainly kung fu movies. now the odd part...i've never actually met dan before. i've only talked to him online. but, he knows friends of mine. i've never met someone like this before. so, tomorrow, i will be looking for a guy who's a little over six feet tall with brown hair wearing a blue sweater. he's never seen me before either. he's only viewed a photo of me in my halloween costume. so, i told him that i do not in fact have pink hair nor go about wearing goggles all the time.

my feet still haven't warmed up yet.

well, enough of being online. chats down again and i don't have money to spend on ebay.

"i was lost in the cities, alone in the hills. no sorrow or pity for leaving i feel..." -audioslave



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