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22-11-2003 - 02:02

i'm not going out tonight. i'm too annoyed. plus, i have to work tomorrow.

anyways. i did go out last night. met up with this guy dan (who is so much like tall dave from college that it's kind of creepy.) well, i now have a new friend to watch kung fu movies with. mind hurts. not a headache. just my mind.

i guess my father got mad today and broke my glasses i brought back from england. i had packed them up and he had asked if i could leave them there so he could use them being that i have tons of glasses here. i agreed. now they're gone. lovely.

i've been just missing aimee on the phone for just over a week now. it's almost funny how we've been communicating via answer machine for this long.

i kind of hope that i can hang out with aimee and andy this coming up week. i miss hanging out with them all the time. i used to hang out with aimee just about every other day my last year of college. and andy used to come over and watch cartoon network's midnight run with me and fall asleep at the foot of my bed almost every night.

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"i'll never be...a rock and roll star. i'll never be...anything, anything at all. drives me crazy, can't get away, but i try and i try and i try and i try...every day, every day. said i'll never be...anything, anything at all..." -reel big fish



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