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13-12-2003 - 03:21

day 3 of mobile phone ownership. not enjoying it one bit. forgot to take it to work. kind of happy that i forgot it. couldn't use it at work anyways. realized that if i keep the phone, i should reduce the minutes. i'm not going to answer it before work (i don't answer phones before work). i'm not going to carry it with me at work 'cause it won't work in the hospital and i have no place to put it. i have no available pockets and could jam it in my handcuff case, but then i'd not have any place for my handcuffs. i'm not going to use it or answer it while i'm driving unless there's an emergency. i'm not going to give the number out to anyone else. (i'd like to have under 10 people who know it...the less the better 'cause then i won't get many calls.) i'm also going to turn it off from the time i go to sleep until i get back from work. i think the only use for it really would be so i can get calls when i'm online. but then i'm only online after 12:30am and wouldn't expect any calls during that time really. i'm starting to think that maybe i should just get the pre-paid minutes. i think i'd need a different phone for something like that though. i wonder if they have any phones with just a cheap night time minutes plan. but at least with the phone, ryan can't complain that i don't have one, 'cause now i have one. i just despise it. i don't like the sound of it. i don't like holding it in my hand. i don't like the fact that i can't turn the volume down any more. i don't like any of the graphics. i don' t like the options and the fact that i can't just delete the games section. i don' t like the fact that i can't delege the internet/text message junk.

ryan thinks that i'm just anti-phone. i'm not really. i use the mobile at work when i'm outside and out of radio range.

ahhhhh. the constant stress of having a mobile phone. i find myself worrying about it...which is kind of good. it takes my mind off of my current crush and the fact that he hasn't called or emailed this week. the bad part is that i haven't been able to sleep well since i've gotten it. can't fall asleep easily thinking about the phone and it's problems and future problems. and when i do sleep, i have bad dreams about the phone catching on fire, not working in emergencies, mix ups with the phone company...i'm not sure why i'm so stressed about it. all i know is that i've not been eatting well since i've bought it. i've not been sleeping well since i've bought it. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

i've bit my nails a tad too short tonight. didn't even realize it during my phone vent. good think i decided not to cut my hair tonight or i'd have ended up without any. i'm just mad that a little phone can stress me out so much.

"you remind me of the times when i knew who i was...but still the second hand will catch us like it always does..." -story of the year



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