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24-12-2003 - 03:21

so...there's a new guy at my coffee shop. he looks like vash...but in a white shirt and tie. quite cute in the emo sort of way. the really great thing is that both he and elf boy give me free coffee. to bad he's probably an undergrad college boy.

i was holiday shopping today. awful. cranky people. long lines. bad drivers. lack of selection. people wearing way too much perfume. sick children. news crews. lack of parking. tied up credit card connections. blah.

once again, not much to say.

i still haven't been able to talk to aimee in person (we keep leaving messages and it's been going on for about 3 weeks). i still haven't heard from andy either.

oh. one good thing is that my crush has come and gone. it's now replaced by annoyance.

i heard something today and i can't recall where, but it amused me. something about why it's a good thing that there's so many drunks at the's better than them being out on the road.

i feel like the kid at college who stays at the dorms for the holidays. i'm heading to my parents tomorrow, but tonight is a little odd. ryan's already at his parents, and most of the neighbors are gone. it's oddly quite and dark.

i'm also keeping the phone. things seem to be working now. i already have a phone bill and my 15 days aren't up yet. tomorrow (today) is the last day to take it back. 2 weeks of owning the phone and i've used under 60 minutes. 30 minutes were speaking with customer service, but i guess i don't get charged for those. plus, they gave me 100 extra minutes for my trouble.

well, like i said...not much to say here...

"why can't i get just one kiss? why can't i get just one kiss? believe me, somethingsi wouldn't miss, but i look at your pants and i need a kiss. why can't i get just one screw? why can't i get just one screw? believe me, i'd know what to do, but something won't let me make love to you. why can't i get just one fuck? why can't i get just one fuck? guess it's got something to do with luck, but i've waited my whole life for just one...." -violent femmes



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