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25-01-2004 - 04:06

let's see...

yesterday i met the agent who's going to try and help me with my application to the fbi. then i had the brake pads changed on the saturn. i did a million things yesterday and all before the time i would normally wake up. it was really odd. waking up about an hour after the time i would normally go to bed. then gap in time. skip to last night. i ended up finally watching the movie "finding nemo". i liked it. my favourite part was the "es-cop-ae? that's funny, it's spelled the same as the word escape."

then today i met up with my parents at happy sushi for lunch. then we took my dvd player in. they store manager (who looks 15) didn't seem to believe that there was a problem with it. i brought 5 dvd's with me that my player wouldn't play. (the problem is that it gets stuck on a continuous loop at the start and i can't watch about 50 percent of my dvd's.) the guy tried mine and they didn't work. then he decided that he was going to try one of the store's. kept telling me that it's probably a problem with my dvd's and the region. i told him that they were all region 1. he said that maybe it's because i may have bought them online. i informed him that the 5 i brought were in fact bought in novi (where the store is at) and then corrected myself and said that 2 were bought in wixom (a block out of novi). guy put in his dvd and fully expected it to work...and it didn't. the smile on the guys face turned to confusion. i then stated that i believed this proved my dvd player was faulty, and if he needed, i had more dvd's in my car that did not work on my dvd player. anyways, i guess this is all being sorted out on monday by the regional manager.

after this ordeal, my parents and i visited my grandparents. some time after this, i got a new battery for the fiero.

slightly amusing side story: it was supposedly 1 degree today. i'm outside freezing, trying to install the battery into my car. i have a flashlight in one hand, and pliers in the other. i didn't want to drop my keys into my engine, and i wanted fast access to them to start my car, so i decided to hold them in my the plastic part of one of my keys. well, the trunk of my car started to close a bit in the cold wind (engine's in the back of my car). while trying to prop it back up, the keys start to slip. i try to bite a better hold on them and my tongue makes contact with the metal part of the key. key freezes to my tongue. instead of being smart and waiting for body heat to do it's stuff, i panic. i panic and yank the keys from my tongue. now i have a red splotch on the tip of my tongue. the neighbors seemed highly amused by this whole incident.

side story two: battery in, car starts up right away. the only problem is that it is encased in a two foot high "block" of frozen snow. (it's been there for a week and the snow plow just piled snow up around the car...i could barely open my doors.) well, a woman looks over at my car when she pulls into a spot not too far away and looks at me. then she says "honey, you're never gonna get that car out of there with all of that snow". the saturn wouldn't have made it out of there, but i knew the fiero would. i told her to watch...said i'd have it out in 5 minutes. i stomped some of the frozen ice away from the exhaust pipe path, jumped in my car, and in 4 and a half minutes, i rocked it out of the icy block. the woman waved from her window. so, the fiero is back in service. and, even though i couldn't feel my fingers of toes, i was beaming. it's a great sense of accomplishment to get a dead car running again (even if it's only the battery) and to prove two people wrong in a day.

andy emailed me today. almost forgot to mention that. said he's been really busy with grad school and his advisor wanting him to get some lab work done. first time i've heard from him since his x-mas break. i'd just given up on any interest in him and he emails me. a nice cute andy-like email. i don't know if i should be happy or mad.

and so much for my great move to go out and do things. i spent this whole weekend at home. didn't go out at all. it was nice that ryan and jay invited me out with them tonight, but i'm not a big fan of going out to strip clubs. well, it's not really that i'm not a big fan of them, but i just have no interest in them...and less interest in paying to see naked people. oh well. the invite was appreciated anyways. that and after the car ordeal, i was so cold that i curled up in bed wide awake with the covers pulled over my head smelling like car exhaust for a few hours.

other randomness. i have a million little cuts on my hands right now. a few of them are car grease black, and no matter how many times i wash my hands, the black doesn't seem to go away. i drank a ton of expensive little japanese canned beverages today. peach nectar, orange calpis, sweet drinks, pulpy drinks...very tasty.

my tongue hurts. evil freezing things. it feels like i burnt the tip of my tongue...which i kind of did. freezer burn.

well, i've said a lot tonight...

"somewhere beyond the sea, somewhere waiting for me. my lover stans on golden sands and watches the ships that go sailing. somewhere beyone the sea, she's there watching for me. if i could fly like birds on high, then straight to her arms i'd go sailing. it's far beyone the stars, it's near beyond the moon. i know beyond a doubt, my heart will lead me there soon. we'll meet beyond the shore, we'll kiss just as before. happy we'll be beyond the sea and never again i'll go sailing. i know beyond a doubt, my heart will lead me there soon. we'll meet beyond the shore, we'll kiss just as before. happy we'll be beyond the sea and never again i'll go sailing. no more long sailling...bye bye sailing..." -bobby darin



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