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09-02-2004 - 04:08

so, andy called today...on his drive home from his brothers place. poor boy has been ill all week. but, the good news is that we are going on a trip together in approximately 3 months. on my next 4 days weekend, we're going to go to new york. the last time didn't quite work out, but we're planning a new trip. so, at this very moment, i have a huge smile on. why is it that this particular guy can make me smile no matter what he says and does?

i also wonder if he has any interest in me other than friendship. talking to me on the phone for hours. planning on going to new york with me. these are all friend activities, but could there be something more?

well, after i cash my cheque tomorrow, i'm going to buy the kenshin television series from sundevil. all 95 episodes on dvd. this will be my largest anime purshase ever. most money spent on a series and most episodes bought of a series.

there's a few things that i like to "treat" myself to. tasty canned fruit. my little japanese canned coffees. my $3 black cherry tea candles that i get from meijers. anime and random dvd's in general. little chunks of happiness.

i like the lamp that aimee got me for x-mas. my room seems different with two light sources at night. that and this lamp has a shade on it. not just the blinding bulb on my other lamp. so, i have a cocktail shaker lamp and a lamp that resembles the sun...and you don't want to look directly at the sun either.

i wonder about the future. i have goals and i know i will reach them. it's just hard sometimes mucking though the things you don't like or want to do to get to your destinations. oh well...guess it's time to eat some pocky sticks.

"this could be your lucky day in hell. never know who might be at your doorbell. this could be your lucky day in hell..." -eels



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