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18-02-2004 - 03:31

i finally watched the movie "the league of extrodinary gentleman" (on dvd, not in a theatre). everyone i talked to that i can recall said that it wasn't very good...i loved it.

so, there's good news and there's bad news. i'll get the bad news out of the way first.

bad news: my parents saturn that i've been using along with my fiero wasn't running well last week. i'm pretty sure it was water in the gas tank. i had dumped some dry gas kind of stuff in and the whole situation started improving. my father thought it would be a good idea to take it to the dealer and have it checked out just in case...i agreed. we took it in and just wanted them to check out why the "service engine soon" light was on (in case it wasn't the gas thing). well, they called my father after their $78 diagnostic check and informed him that some of the gauges (possibly spelled wrong) had rusted and needed to be replaced. they also suggested a tune-up. my father agreed. well, the tune-up was about $400. then they replaced a bunch of things that did in no way affect the running of the engine, and they replaced the o2 sensor. this somehow all totaled slightly over $950. for me, that is a lot of money...especially since i just paid $150 for the brakes on it already this year. i just find it odd that in this year to date, i'll have spent over $1,000 on the saturn and just over $10 on the fiero...which is old enough to legally buy smokes in the u.s. pretty soon the fiero will be of legal drinking age. so, the car that's 19 years old is running better (and cheaper) than the car that is either 4 or 5 years old. what's worse is that my parents offered to pay for it...but, my mother would have to work extra hours (at a job she hates) since they're low on cash after my sister's exploits and currently paying for her apartment, school, and food. so, because i have the money (i can't really afford it, but i do have the money since i was going to use it towards my student loan) i told them that i will pay for it. especially since i drive it. (even though if it was at their place, it wouldn't get driven since my parents both already have plenty of vehicles.)

good news: i missed the first episode, but when andy called me today, he reminded me that witch hunter robin was going to be on adult swim at midnight. so, we talked before the show and he told me what happened in the episode i missed. then he called me back at the first commercial to tell me part that he'd forgotten to tell me, and so he wouldn't call at every commercial, i told him that i'd call him back after the show which i did. and, because of his classes, we've decided to move our ny trip to this summer.

right now i'm cold. my room smells of recently burnt out candles. i'm happy but wishing someone was here. someone told me today that some of his friends at school were trying to set him up with a girl that lives 4 hours away from him. he told me that he declined since long distant relationships don't really work. i guess that rules out any interest he may have in me. oh well...unless he really was interested and was just seeing what i'd say about it...hmmmm.....

"and i find it kinda funny, i find it kinda sad. the dreams in which i'm dying are the best i've ever had. i find it hard to tell you, i find it hard to take. when people run in circles it's a very very...mad your world...mad world." -gary jules



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