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13-05-2004 - 02:56

i actually had a japanese slip today. meant to respond in english...but didn't. i didn't even realize it until my co-worker looked at me funny. my plans are to learn japanese over the next year or two and then try out some chinese. then italian and french.

it's hot out (and in) but i don't want to keep my window open since there's gaps in my screen.

if you were offered either the opportunity to be the most beautiful person in the world, or the most intelligent person in the world...which would you choose? i'd have to go with neither. nothing can be appreciated in extremes.

i'm currently watching a show on helen of troy. it's quite interesting. i was not aware that she was supposedly hatched from an egg. i'm still wondering how her mother was seduced by a swan. "hey swan...looking good there. would you like a tour of my bedroom?" zany gods.

i've really not much to say tonight. just that it's warm and icky out. that clingy humid kind of warm. the warm that brings the bugs out. it gets in your lungs and feels heavy and thick. it's hard to sleep in like this...and it's only going to get warmer.

what is love? love is when you're willing to sleep next to someone in the summer with the ac off. either that or it's yogurt according to that evil commercial...

well, i'm off to snack and study some japanese. then maybe sleep...

"so she said what's the problem baby? what's the problem, i don't know. well maybe i'm in love. think about it every time. i think about it, can't stop thinking 'bout it. how much longer will it take to cure this. just to cure it 'cause i can't ignore it if it's love. makes me wanna turn around and face me but i don't know nothing 'bout love. come on, come on. turn a little faster. come on, come on. the world will follow after. come on, come on. 'cause everybody's after love...accidentally in love..." -counting crows



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