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10-06-2004 - 02:57

god wants me to be an alcoholic...

first of all, my ac has been out for about a month. it's really warm in my apartment. then some pipe bursts in the area and we're not supposed to drink our water without boiling it for the next 3-5 days. so, ryan and i opted to consume wine tonight. drinking to stay cool. drinking in place of water.

it also doesn't help that i somehow lost all feeling in the tip of my middle finger on my left hand. yeah. no feeling at all. and that was prior to drinking.

i also talked to pete tonight. think i forgot to mention that i ran into him the other night when i was hanging out with jay. yeah. somehow i managed to pick up the only straight guy at the gay bar. and he did buy jay and myself drinks. always a good idea.

ryan and i were talking about how maybe pete can be our new takkun. we were wondering if another straight boy who's cute (actually hot) will let us take advantage of him.

today i bought my father a fathers day gift. i was supposed to get my mother her birthday gift, but i could not locate a mail box to her specifications anywhere.

it's weird typing when i can't feel my finger tip.

and friendster jesse emailed me to say that i sounded "really hot on the phone". should i be afraid of that?

it's soooooooooo warm in here. and it keeps raining. had to close the doors/windows. blah. uber icky.

down-pouring rain.

i still have a ton of packing. one good thing is that i bought the mr.clean magic eraser thingy. i never thought that anything i saw on television would work as well as it did in the commercials. but, this is the exception. ryan and i tried it tonight...and it worked just like it said it would. the thing even took nail polish off the wall. it "erased" all the scuffs on the corner of our wall near the door. couldn't believe it.

so much has changed yet so much has stayed the same.

i want to call takkun, but i'm not going to. i talked to him yesterday for a few minutes. i had a dream the other night that we were still in college. just him sleeping over in the "coffin". (i had the bottom bunk in the dorms and had black sheets along the sides to keep the sun out since our blinds didn't work.) i keep thinking of when he used to pick me up and skate down the street with me. when he tried to teach me how to rollerblade and i had his skates on over my shoes with him pulling me through the halls of the dorms. ryan reminded me of the time when we ended up getting slushies and the three of us laid down in the grass in the middle of the traffic circle at msu. blah...

one interesting thing is that i've started chatting with a guy in japan that was originally from michigan. cute japanese skater guy. kyoichi.

well, i'm off to pack a bit. study japanese. and sleep...

"pick me back up just to throw me back down. apologies too late when you're up against the wall. compassion heals while duplicity kills. you say that i'm different, you say that i'm different. the only thing that's different is the way i feel about you. na na na na na na na na na na. you moved up the ladder at a very rapid speed. we moved methodically and calmly . when you get to the top you see enemies. you say that i'm different, you say that i'm different. the only thing different is the way i feel about you. na na na na na na na na na na. if you knew back then what i know now. that it would all turn out like this. i'd sit back and watch you squirm. 'cause you say i'm different. you say i'm different. the only thing that's different is the way i feel about you." -rancid



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