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23-09-2004 - 04:07

i woke up in a confused panic earlier. i took a two hour nap tonight because i was just so insanely tired. i woke up at 1:47. i looked outside and was confused that it wasn't light out. it took me almost a whole minute for my brain to kick into gear and realize that it was 1:47am and not pm.

the moon was/is really weird tonight. a half moon, but for some reason the glare off of it had this four point star effect.

i'm still not used to these 12 hour shifts. it was hard to drag myself out of bed today and get to class.

let's's been a while since i've updated. i'm usually just too tired after work now and just too busy on my days off. seems like i have so much less time to do things.

i guess my sister and her boyfriend got into another fight, he broke another cell phone (busted her first, and has now taken out her second.) he was going to move out again, but then i guess they are back together. and they've still got just under a year on their lease. and with all of this, i feel bad for the rest of my family. appearently my sister had called my father from a pay phone to tell him that she and her boyfriend had gotten in a fight. she was crying and tellling him that patrick was moving out the next day. she said that she would call him back later in the night. so, my father waited and waited and after no phone call, drove the hour out to her place late at night to see if she was o.k. what does he find? she had made up with her boyfriend and they were sleeping.

hmmm...did i mention yet that i got a five dollar guitar? yeah. jay's roommate was selling one and it was only five dollars. it actually is pretty decent. non-warped. holds a tune. good stuff. was so hot in here earlier so i turned the ac on. well, now it's too chilly and i'm too lazy to turn it off. bleah. the odd thing it that i'll likey end up finishing off my lychee ice cream in. a bit. maybe i'll remember to turn the ac off when i'm motivated enough to eat.

i'm starting to plan my japan trip. i'm going in the spring. i'll have enough vacation time and time in between classes to go for a week. as it looks right now, i'm going to try to hit tokyo and kyoto. i just have to start saving money up like crazy for the trip. and, maybe i'll even be able to find someone to go with me.

i still haven't decided on a halloween costume for this year. i've narrowed down the choices to the following: mima from perfect blue (her singer costume), dita from vandread, kaname from full metal panic, or melfina from outlaw star. hopefully i'll have decided by the end of next week.

i spent off and on last night/this morning at work and on my way to and from class today trying to call the radio station. all i wanted was to request some one picked up for hours.

"now today is tomorrow and tomorrow today, and yesterday is weaving in and out. and the fluffy white lines that the airplane leaves behind are drifting right in front of the waning of the moon..." -cake



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