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26-09-2004 - 06:09

second entry of the night/morning. yes, i am still at work.

i'm currently stuck working in a room that had no light switches or temp control. to dim the lights i had to get someone (much taller than myself) to stand on a shoddy chair and unscrew two of the three light bulbs/tubes. that and the freezing cold in here had locked my fingers up making it rather difficult to type. yet i persevere.

"i shouldn't get bored, drunk, and social at the same time. i'm no good at multi-tasking and it comes out foreign." just a rather catchy chiv quote that i felt the need to post.

i just realized that i left all of my cd's at home and only have the second reel big fish album to listen to in the car. i put it in yesterday to remind me to call aimee (it's her favourite band) and well...i somehow forgot. well, actually i remembered to call her. just not till around 3am. and at 3am, i decided that i really didn't want to call her and wake her up in the middle of her night/sleep and then really not have much to say as my brain seems to have shut down. well, only partially shut down. i'm still able to breathe and blink and such with minimal effort, but the rest seems to have shut off around 2am.

something that i find odd: i can stay up till 4 or 5am hanging out with friends and not be the least bit tired...but, i can be at work and want to take a nap at 1am. that's not even getting-out-of-the-bar time out here.

i've also discovered a sheer loss/blurr of time lately. waking up and not having the least bit of a clue as to if it's day or night. really weird dreams lately. more in the relm of nightmares, but still...things going on in my head while i'm sleeping. things like some dinosaur in some lake spitting fire at me and such. weird weird stuff. my days are merging and such. i come into work on one day and get out on a different one. so i get home from work. sleep. get up and go to work again all on the same day.

and...nothing happens here for hours and then six million things go off. blast. might actually have to do some sort of work now...

"there's a little girl i know. you might know her too. she looks so good. she looks so cute...standin' next to you. and i don't know what to do. i want your girlfriend to be my girlfriend. she's so fucking cute. i wish that she was mine. she's so fucking cute i'm gonna lose my mind. i don't know what to do. maybe i could kill you. i want your girlfriend to me my girlfriend..." -reel big fish



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