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24-11-2004 - 00:13

i wonder. if superman was real...would he have jurisdictional issues with the department of homeland security and such?

i visited my grandparents today. fished out more x-mas stuff from their splinter/nail filled attic. my grandmother was also telling me stories of when she was little. about running around in the mountains near their house. swimming and eatting watermelons sans clothing so that her mother wouldn't know. told me about how her father used to go up in the mountains and catch koy that they'd sell. she told me about how they never used money there. everything was bartered. it's interesting hearing these stories.

people have been tracking me down in friendster a lot lately. who knew that people would motivated enough by my lame profile to want to hang out.

oh. and here's some excerpts from an email from someone i know:

"Oh yeah, I'm not trying to impress you with my technology skills. I'm trying to impress you by trying if that makes any sense."
"...because I like someone. I'm sure you know who it is. Every other officer seems to. Even the morning shift. huh? I'll tell ya a little bit about her. She has great hair, beautiful eyes, a cute smile, cute laugh, and she is a cool chic. Chic is a complemant by the way. My definition: easy going, fun girl (must be cute too) That's just cause my dictionary seems to be different than yours. Like to me quirky=interesting That is the best save I can come up with. The only problem with her is that she is one inch to short for the perfect hug and spooning height for me. close enough though."

where did all of that come from? this is from a guy at my work place that stacie and i tease. (he started it.) our conversation has consisted so far of movies, television, cars/trucks, his brother (who is a valet), stupid things he's done, pie, and vending food. oh...and his lack of computer using skill. example: requiring help to send an email. so, i think that that is his weird way of hitting on me.

i'm still a bit annoyed that every other week i'm going to miss full metal alchemist and ghost in the shell. they play it on saturday night, and then repeat it on thursday. every other week, i miss it. and even recording on slow play, i'd run out of tape before the show was on if i started it before leaving for work.

well, that's it for now. wait. one more thing...included in the things i hate with the personalized license plates, bad drivers, and sponge bob is being repeatedly called cute. cute only works from old people, girls, guys who are gay, and europeans. oh well...

"it's funny how things make sense when you're lonely. it's funny how you want more when you're happy. i'm coming over, will you open the door for me. i'm better off inside." -hayden



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