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25-11-2004 - 06:11

second entry and i've not even left work yet.

slow night. i'm in a better disposition now. a bit twitchy from the caffiene.

after getting out of work in a bit here, i'll go home and not sleep. it's not that i'd rather stay up and be half dead at work tomorrow...but it's the holiday and my family is gathering early for dinner which for the time it's set at (which is noon) it's really more like having dinner food at lunch. then off to work again for 12 more hours of fun.

feeling a bit out of sorts right now. too much caffiene and not nearly enough food. too little sleep and pains in my right knee and neck.

listening to weezer at work. good stuff. i realize that as i'm typing this, there's really no content. that and i'm likely making little to no sense...

so, i'll stop typing and try to enjoy my caffienated bliss...however ill it may make me feel...

"all this for nothing. yeah, yeah, yeah. praying and hoping, fooling yourself. you know that you can give love a reason. give love a chance..." -feeder



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