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01-01-2005 - 22:59

well. it's a new year. strange how things can change so much in a span of only days.

i would have to say that this new years celebration was likely the most fun i've had on new years for some time. extremely fun and it also helped that i got to kiss a hot guy who's named after a country. (scotland).

last night/this morning was just a blur of fun. we were finally booted from the club in what i believe was the first time ever (and i've been going there for over 7 years). only jason was really booted due to his drunkeness, but the rest of us followed. it was actually the perfect time for us to leave anyways. it was sometime between 3am and 4am. not really sure as i'm awful with time.

i also think the jeff fling has fizzeled out as well. i phoned him yesterday (he slept through the new year) and left a message with his brother to call me...which he didn't. and, no call today. i had to phone him again because of a work issue, but i only talked to him for a minute (he was not sober and obviously not able to come into work). so, i'm sensing the end of that. kind of already noticed it coming.

now i need to find a hot guy replacement. it is still winter and rather cold out. and, it's always nice to sleep next to someone warm when it's icy and cold outside. oh well.

do i have any resolutions for this new year? no. not really. just to try and cheer up my grandparents. (and look into my grandmothers wishes for when she does die). that and to clean up my apartment. i couldn't decide what to wear for the celebration last night, so i have dresses strewn about my apartment. dresses and x-mas gifts i've yet to put away.

so. my new year so far...
fun last night/this morning.
i feel like i'm still coughing up club smoke.
visited my grandparents. tried to cheer my grandmother up with flowers (she's quite sad because this is likely her last new year.)
realized that nothing is really going to go anywhere with jeff. (good thing no one at work knew we were "involved" at all. just hanging out a bit which i hope we will still do.)
have already seen more than one guy in nothing more than his undies.
kissed quite a few cute guys...some straight.
partied like a rock star.
and now i'm at work.
not all in that order.

i have a feeling that this is going to be a great year. yes, there's a lot of sad things that are going to take place, but i think i'll be able to handle things and for the most part, only good will happen.

so, that's my update for now. maybe i'll update some more later...

"...well, that is that and this is this. will you tell me what you saw if i tell you what you missed when the ocean met the sky. you missed when time and life shook hands and said goodbye. when the earth folded in on itself and said "good luck, for your sake i hope heaven and hell are really there, but i wouldn't hold my breath."...the more we move ahead the more we're stuck in rewind. well, i don't mind, i don't mind, how the hell could i mind?..." -modest mouse



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