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28-01-2005 - 08:03

i'm so sick and tired of hearing that "new" greenday song that's been played every 5 minutes for the past month or so. i've even been noticing that the two rival music channels are playing it at the exact same time. grrrr....

anyways. jeff 1 invited me to a strip club this weekend. too bad i'm working all weekend, 'cause that's exactly the kind of date i'd like to go on and would definitely get me to sleep with him. (said with vast amounts of sarcasm)

jeff 2 invited me out tonight. no place specific, but he got out of work at midnight and just wanted to find something to do. but, alas...i'd already headed back to novi when he called.

my brain is completely fried right now. burned out on new japanese knowledge. my brain just doesn't seem to want to help me remember the writing. it does make it a bit easier learning it left handed and remembering to write it again left handed. kind of weird. if i write it (or even have the pen in my right hand) i start filling in words i don't know with french. (oddly enough i have limited knowledge of french, but do know a decent amount of nouns.)

i must say. i do like that jeff 2 called a bunch of times tonight (really last night as this is morning). he kept not being able to talk because of work, but i like when people make an effort to try and talk to me. aimee also called. i feel bad that i haven't been able to visit her for ages. it's just hard to make it out to lansing sometimes. with visiting my grandparents at least once every group of days off, and car problems, weather....etc.

i do have a new battery for the fiero. i plan on installing it later today before work and attempting to remove the fiero from the snow bank. poor fiero.

this is great. i'm watching the jackie chan cartoon from the beginning of the series.

on the bad side. i'm currently sleeping in my living room. whilst cleaning my apartment on my past days off, i decided to clean under my bed (futon mattress on the floor). i then discovered that there's cold moist air coming from the corner of the room. and mold. yes, there was slight mold growing in the corner and under the edge of the mattresss. contacted maintenance. guess someone's supposed to come out today. while i'm sleeping. before i have to do things and go to work. it's just weird that it feels like outside air is coming into my room from where the wall meets the floor in the corner. and, after not sleeping from wednesday at 6:20PM to 3:50AM on friday...i really would have rather slept in my room and not living room. anyways, i'm awake again....but hope to watch jackie chan, eat, and then attempt sleep again.

i can't find the lyrics or song anywhere...

"jackie chan...where's the talisman?" -wheatus



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