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15-03-2005 - 05:30

so...after a long long weekend of work, i ended up going to ann arbor again today...for japanese lessons. then i met up with jacob. i met jacob my last weekend off while at the necto. straight boy in the gay club.

info on jacob. he's 23 (yes, younger then me) and a u of m grad student for an arts programme. his parents are both doctors and live in california. he plays piano, double bass, and trombone (that i know of). he also likes anime, kung fu movies, horror movies, coffee, tea, and his 87 suv. he also likes traveling and has a passport.

so, we met up at a coffee shop, and talked over coffee and cookies. (after my japanese lessons around 9pm). after that, we went to his place (where he lives with two roommates). i got the tour of the house (where there's a hot tub outside in the back) and we watched a kung fu movie. jacob made me tea and started a fire and we ended up roasting marshmallows. so, all in all, a fun night. i ended up getting home after 2am. much more productive than sleeping.

i had also talked to jeff tonight. i spoke with him right after the japanese (since he lives almost next to the book store/coffee shop that i meet up with emi at). anyways, he invited me to stop by his place. i almost did and then decided that i would call jacob instead. i think i made the best choice.

"we're going down, down in an earlier round. and sugar, we're going down swinging. i'll be your number one with a bullet. a loaded gun complex, cock it and pull it..." -fall out boy



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