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16-05-2005 - 03:13

so. i had an interesting weekend. little to no sleep. actually, i don't recall how far back i updated...

wednesday i had my exam for the fbi at 8am in detroit. bleah. after that i couldn't sleep at all. so, 3 hours of sleep before the exam. none after. then beckie and i met up over at my place and we nabbed some food, saw hitchhikers guide, and went out to the bar. this is where beckie was driving and we got pulled ticket. good luck.

then i worked thursday and had the entire weekend off. not much sleep friday morning. 4.5 hours. on friday i then woke up early and went to asian mike's barbque. it was one of those gatherings where i only stayed for a few hours, but would have liked to stay longer. too bad it was also other mike's birthday. so, after the grilling fun, near 11pm i left for novi to meet up with the other mike crew. well, i phoned ninja boy and invited him along. he'd already turned down going that night once so i really didn't think he'd show up...but he did. ninja boy is younger than me (turns 23 on the 24th of this month) and is cute in that unconventional kind of way. well, the boys i was there with were quite amusing. "well...i'm going to step over here and give you guys some time alone". amusing and obvious, but that's ok. much drinking was participated in that night with an exception of ninja boy who is currently not consuming alcohol.

not much sleep that "night" either.

then saturday i hung out with my grandfather and later met up with beckie again. we met up with susan and collene (spelled wrong) and we went out to city club in detroit. the note to this night was that beckie (with much convincing) got me to wear one of her shirts. there was enough fabric to maybe fill an easter egg. beckie got some free drinks. all was well. i had near six million red bulls even though i don't really like them. also...much other drinking. after the club we went to one of beckie's friends parties. while there i met a guy named matt from near my hometown. this is odd since just the night before i met ninja boy who also is from close to my hometown. much fun was had.

not much sleep that "night" either. about 2 hours.

then i studied japanese a bit and browsed ebay on sunday. that was early in the day. then i was supposed to meet up with ninja boy at 4pm in ann arbor. well, near 2pm i realized that i couldn't find my wallet. and i new i had it the night before in either susan or beckie's car. i had to go out to grosse pointe to get it...after hours of searching. needless to say, i was not able to meet up with ninja boy on time. right when i got home, i some how managed to break my trash can. then ninja met up with me in novi near 6pm. we ate at happy sushi and then roamed for a bit. finally we ended up back at my place and watched a really long movie on my no-longer-in-colour television. we have a lot in common and it's quite eerie. after the movie, blood sugars were out of whack (mine and his) and we managed to get to meijers and purchase food. ninja then cooked us some tasty food. steak. potatoes. broccoli. i've never had someone beside myself cook in my kitchen. it was quite odd...but in a good way. well, then we sat around and listened to music. all was "normal" and nothing non-friend happened...until he put his hand on my shoulder and said something about it being out of whack. at this time he gave me a neck/shoulder rub. one of those where they're sitting behind you. one of those where you just melt. you're so comfortable that you don't want to move. not even sure you could. well...from there things changed. you know how they say that a lot of drunks get caught because they're so focused on the center lane line that they end up crossing it? well, i was focused on nothing happening and then that lasted for about 15 minutes. then there was one kiss and well, just the junior high level curled up on the floor in front of the television kissing kind of thing...until almost 5:30am.

4 hours of sleep exactly last night.

so, from mid-tuesday until mid-monday...11 hours of sleep total.

i do feel a bit bad that that ninja boy had almost no sleep friday night and had to be up early and then again on sunday night having to work on monday. oddly enough, the feeling bad didn't outweigh the part about him getting out the door at a reasonable time.

the only bad thing it that i was supposed to buy my grandfather an answering machine on sunday. but, everything closed before i was able to get my wallet.

"the world is in my chaos dream but i am not invited, i said..." -idlewild



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