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13-09-2005 - 06:08

once's been a while.

i'm back in school again. taking some advanced calc. class for engineers. i already feel totally lost.

still taking hopkido. i really enjoy it. it's one of the many things i kind of don't want to do on the way there...but i always have fun with it and think it was great after.

i have a wedding to go to this saturday. on a princess cruise ship. it will be interesting. bunch of people from work. unless plans change...the ninja will be going with me. i guess as of now he plans on wearing his one and only suit that happens to be pin striped. it will be the first time i've seen him remotely dressed up. i didn't realize it until the ninja brought it up, but we've been kind of seeing each other for 6 months.

it's been so long that i didn't even leave an entry about my wayne state problems. because of some misfiled paperwork, i wasn't able to sign up for classes until the week before they started. i spent a month working on trying to figure out why i couldn't sign up for classes. i kept getting bounced around between different departments. finally after everything, i got a hold of the guy in charge for all graduate admissions and he fixed things withing a day and a half. then, when i finally got my class there was no day selected. i talked to the prof and he said he'd email people with the day. he didn't email anyone until this past wednesday...which was the day of the class. a lot of people didn't make it to the first class because of this. from now on though, it's going to be on mondays. to make it worse, none of us can get in the building yet because of a problem with our card access. so, i'll now have to go to detroit before 4pm on a weekday and get my card re-programed. so i'll have to go there before 4 and then wait till class at 7.5pm. not my idea of fun.

other than grandfather is doing well. i helped him fix his shed in the back yard the other day. cut up my hand a bit. i do think that i'll have to winterize his place before it gets too cold. fix some of the trim on his house. seal the windows. etc.

i'm currently painting gold detaling back onto one of my kimono's. it's taking forever, but i think that it's helping me keep sane with my school insanity.

i still have to figure out what costume i want for this halloween. i have to figure it out soon or i'll run out of time to make it. takkun is helping me with this a bit. one thing i'm happy about is that takkun and i are back to our talking every other day or so schedule. that was something i had missed.

on the bad side. aimee's ex-fiance has now moved in with someone else. a girl that he works with that already has a kid. joe is also back to working at target and really not seeming to look for a job. on the good side, aimee's doing good. moved in to her new place. into her first semester of vet-med school.

other than that...i'm kind of mad at the ninja. not really mad...i just don't know. he's broke all the time even though he really does work hard. he just doesn't make much money. he's also uber touchy around me. he takes things so seriously. for being such a guys guy he really is quite the girl in our weird relationship.

anyway...i think i need some sleep here. or at least to get ready for bed. i have to clean my place up a bit. visit my grandfather. go to hopkido. and see a movie with beckie tomorrow (actually later today).

"baby is this love for real? let me in your arms to feel...the beating of your heart baby...the beating of your heart baby. want nothing to do with me. want nothing to do with me. i...i don't know what to do with you. cuz don't know what you do to me. baby is this love for real? let me in your arms to feel the beating of your heart baby...the beating of your heart is this love for real? let me in your arms to feel the beating of your heart baby...the beating of your heart spite of you...even out of view...still i love all of you...i do, spite of you...even out of view...still i love all of you...i do, yeah..." -head automatica



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