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05-02-2006 - 05:43

well. i had planned on getting a lot more done tonight...and this weekend.

i have a major homework assignment due on monday and my first exam for this semester on this wednesday. and then to celebrate, i get to see wanatabe with austin and mike at the detroit institute of art.

anyway. tonight i went out to dinner with gordon and a bunch of people he knows (many of them being asians). we went out to la shish in livonia. really great middle eastern food. and i went in the middle of a "blizzard". there was a lot of snow and the roads were pretty bad. well, after that, i had the intent of going home and doing school stuff for the rest of the night. well, after getting a little bit more done, and feeling a tad ill from eatting too many almonds covered with the hard candy shell, beckie called me. told me that she and jackie were at 5th avenue ballroom (bar in novi) and that they had met a bunch of doctor/dentists and that i needed to come out. even though i was already in my pajamas, beckie said i had to come and with little convincing, i ended up going out there. while at the bar, beckie had met a dentist named russ. russ insisted that we go to a friend of his place after the bar. well, story goes that we went there. beckie got to talk to russ. i met an evil bastard named ben. and i realized how much i'd rather date someone like the ninja over a lot of the doctor/dentist type people. there were quite a few guys there that were more than a little rude and a couple of guys who became more rude once they realized that we weren't going to sleep with any of the single guys. there were a few decent guys there though. i can't recall their names, but at least the guys who weren't single were nice (which is probably the reason why they aren't single and some of their less friendly friends are not).

well, i've got to get up in less than 5 hours and i need to read a few chapters before bed. "fun" reading for class...from the "basic orthopaedic biomechanics and mechano-biology" book. bleah. joint loads and stress-strain curves. collagen types and bone structures.

oh. and i got my new flash drive in the mail today. yeah...on a saturday. it's great. it's pink and shaped like a derranged cartoon bear. and his tail lights up when he's in use. it's great. makes me giggle every time i see it.

so, i'm off to study...

" want me. fucking well come and find me. i'll be waiting. with a gun and a pack of sandwiches, and want me. fucking come on and break the door down. i'm ready. i'm ready...." -radiohead



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